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On Wednesday, the Lawrence County Tourism Commission hosted a tour of Indiana Limestone Co.'s facility and Empire Quarry in Oolitic. The company has produced limestone used for the Empire State Building in New York, the Pentagon and Yankee Stadium.

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The rock that once made south-central Indiana prosperous continues to give the region its shape. Known the Salem Limestone, this geological formation is a uniform outcrop of pale stone that lies directly beneath the surface of much of southern Indiana; in some places, it reaches thirty meters in depth (Ambers 246).

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The Salem Formation (a.k.a. Indiana Limestone) crops out along a thin, irregular arcuate band in south-central Indiana (Monroe and Lawrence counties).Most quarries lie between the cities of Bloomington and Bedford. Quarrying of Indiana Limestone began in 1827 with the opening of the Richard Gilbert Quarry.

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1891 nearly every Indiana quarry sent its largest amount of limestone to New York. Hoosier stone companies actively courted architects and contractors from major cities around the country, bringing them to the state by train to attend

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Jul 10, 2015· South Central Indiana is world famous for its limestone. Ahead in our Hidden Places series we take you to a quarry that is preserved just like it was during the peak of limestone …

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Limestone Month, a celebration of southern Indiana's limestone heritage was created in 2007. Special events throughout the month of June include limestone quarry tours, architectural walking tours, carving workshops, exhibitions and other special activities throughout Monroe and Lawrence Counties.

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In its early years Indiana Limestone changed the face of American architecture. Our Stinesville Indiana quarry was, and still is, a huge influence on Indiana Limestone's history. In 1827, Richard Gilbert opened the first quarry three quarters of a mile south on Jack's Defeat Creek.

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Established in 1898, Victor Oolitic Stone Company supplies Indiana limestone to the North American and global stone industry. It is one of the largest quarrier and raw-material supplier of Indiana limestone in the global stone industry.


Provide limestone for entire project from the following Indiana Limestone Company quarries: 1.! Supply limestone from either the Empire Quarry or Victor Oolitic Quarry.

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Strengths. For a natural material, Indiana Limestone shows remarkably little variation in strengths from quarry to quarry. This stone is more predictable than many stone of higher, but erratic, strength.

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Allied Stone Industries, Building Stone Institute, Elberton Granite Association, Indiana Limestone Institute, Marble Institute of America, National Building Granite Quarries Association, and the National Slate Association.


Indiana Limestone was formed in a shallow sea that cov- ered the Midwest, including the Bedford-Bloomington, Indiana quarry area, more than 300 million years ago dur-

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The quality of Indiana's limestone is no secret, and bricks from our quarries have— Yes, I said limestone. That seems an odd thing to march out when humble bragging about a state, but it's no odder than the orange groves of Florida or the hardwood of Michigan.

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Limestone color and grade. Limestone has been the material of choice for some of the world's greatest architecture. From the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, to medieval European churches and castles, to New York's Empire State Building, limestone stands the test of time.

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Central Supply distributes limestone products from the best Quarry's in Indiana: Elliot Stone, Independent Limestone, Indiana Limestone South Central Indiana is a hub for quarrying and distributing this stone throughout the United States. Limestone is …

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Mar 23, 2017· For almost two hundred years, Indiana limestone has shaped Southern Indiana industry and provided "America's building stone," iconic in US architecture.

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Indiana Limestone is a variegated limestone in a full range of color including light to dark ranges of buff or gray and mixture of both colors in one piece. Color selection is available for an extra charge.

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Indiana Limestone Company, Inc.-Central Quarry - 7850 S Victor Pike Blooomington, IN 47402 -

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Experience Indiana Limestone! A visitor's guide to southern Indiana's ... where we invite you to experience the Indiana limestone heritage trail. We are very proud of the ongoing legacy of Indiana limestone, particularly the local "Salem Belt," a stone ... and include the quarries themselves. The massive piles of cut rectangular blocks ...

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Indiana Limestone is a freestone, which means that it exhibits no preferential direction of splitting and can, therefore, be cut and carved in an almost limitless variety of shapes and sizes.

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Indiana Limestone recently held its inaugural "Rock 'n' Quarry" celebration at its Oolitic headquarters. The celebration included a tour of active quarrying and milling operations at several historic locations.


Welcome to NALC, LLC. NALC, LLC is a private company focused on leadership in the aggregates and industrial minerals businesses.

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Bloomington, Indiana Empire Quarry A stunning, abandoned limestone quarry in southern Indiana provided the stone to erect the Empire State Building.

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And this year, the festivities include the rare chance to tour the active quarry at Maple Hill, which has been in operation since the 1920s. 2016 also marks the 20 th anniversary of the Indiana Limestone Symposium, which engages kids and adults alike in immersive hand-carving lessons.

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While Bybee Stone Company follows the classification guidelines of the Indiana Limestone Institute, Indiana limestone is a natural material that can range either subtly or substantially from one shade to another within any given sample.